How being in a Sorority prepared me for my real job 

My freshmen year of college I was reluctant but decided to join a sorority. I had no idea what to expect but I’m so glad I did it. Here are the reasons why it was important 

1. Learning who I am

Whether you want to or not you will change from who you were in high school. You will try new things and make mistakes but you will learn who you are. Meeting so many new and interesting people gave me the chance to find the person I wanted to be and also what I didn’t. I’m not the same as I was at 18 and I won’t be the same ten years from now. We learn from these experiences. 

2. Chapter Business Meetings are just like real world meetings 

If you have never been to a sorority business meeting you will have a list of topics to cover, some type of chapter executive board which would be your bosses later. You will hear some useless information, have to sign up for events and looked down on if you are talking. They may be boring either way but overall important for your job. 

3. How to deal with difficult people

Living with 23 other people, being on a committee with a girl who you don’t like and having to plan an event by yourself. Not all sorority girls are created equal and not everyone is going to get along. All of those people I had to deal with welcomed me to the business world and working with those I might not personally like. 

4. Dress Classy Always

If I came to a chapter meeting or an event in sweatpants I would be kicked out or asked to pay a fee. In the real world the consequences are much worse. I could be written up or worse case fired for not following policies. There will always be expectations for what you wear to work. When in doubt always dress up and not down. 

5. You find true friends 

Whether it’s through big/little or your co-worker who shared your cubicle. Both sorority and work life you have to value those around you. The person who you are with everyday will become your closest friends. Treat them well and love each other cause you are stuck with them.


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